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How to get your custom Freddy Sweater

Getting your very own, custom-made Freddy Krueger sweater is very simple. Let me first outline the major steps and elaborate later:

  1. Choose a model
  2. Choose colors and knit style (optional)
  3. Take your measurements
  4. The Price (Pay via Paypal)
  5. Wait a little
  6. Rejoice

OK, you have made up your mind about the model, size and colors? Then…

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0. Material

I leave you no choice here. You will only get the best, 100% Merino sheep wool, manufactured in Italy.

1. Choose your model

First of all, I have never seen any of the movies! But I am told there are different versions of the sweater, as shown in this illustration (click to enlarge):

I can knit any of these sweaters – and more, if you want. Any combination of colors and knit styles is possible.

This is what they look like in real life (click to enlarge):

Part I sweater (broad cuffs)

Part II sweater (broad cuffs)

Part IV sweater

Part II sweater with special, light color set (broad cuffs)

“VS” sweater (broad cuffs, ribbed knit, dark color set)

Part VI sweater, standard color set (normal cuffs)
Part VI sweater, standard color set (normal cuffs)

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2. Choose your color and knit style

Left side: standard color set, smooth knit. Right side: darker color set, ribbed knit
Left side: standard color set, smooth knit. Right side: darker color set, ribbed knit (click to enlarge)

Default sweater colors and knit styles:

  • Part I-VI: Standard colors, standard knit
  • Part “New Nightmare”: Light colors, standard knit
  • Part “Vs.”: Dark colors, ribbed knit
  • Part “2010”: Dark colors, standard knit

Color – standard, bright or dark: Most of the Freddy sweater models use the standard set of colors. That is true for Parts 1-6. The “New Nightmare” model features a bright/light color set, whereas the “VS” and “2010” models use the dark color set.

Knit style – smooth or ribbed: Most Freddy sweaters use the standard knit (also called smooth knit). Only the “VS” model is different, using the so-called ribbed knit. The ribbed knit tends to be a more snug and tight fit (“bodyhugging”) because it stretches. That means more work and more material, thus the price is a little higher. I am told that it matches the one in the movie perfectly.

Example: To the right is a photo of a sample with both knit styles and two sets of colors (click to enlarge):

When ordering, just let me know what you need. For example, just say “Part II, standard color and knit style“.

Of course everything can be combined. I have a large variety of colors available and can offer various knit styles.

Cuffs: For these sweaters I knit extra-broad cuffs so you have more leeway when ripping, burning and tearing them. Please let me know if you don’t want that.

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3. Take your measurements

In order to knit a well fitting sweater for you, I need your measures. Specs like “L” or “XL” are utter rubbish and useless. I need real measurements. Don’t worry, this is not hard at all.

There are two ways to take your measures:
A) Take the measurements from an exisiting, well-fitting sweater


B) Or take your body measurements

A) If you already hav a well-fitting sweater

Please take three measurements according to the following pictures.


To take these measurements, please lay down the sweater on a straight surface. Measuring a hanging sweater will result in a wrong measures because the fabric will stretch (caused by its own weight).

  1. Sleeve length from neck to the end of the sleeve.
  2. Sweater length from top to bottom (measured on the shoulder right next to the neck).
  3. Width across the chest (right below the sleeves).
  4. Also write down your total body height.

Please straighten out the sleeve exactly as shown in the photos (click on images to enlarge).

Please take these measurements exactly the way it is shown in the photos and the illustration.

Write these measures in an email and send them to me. It is that easy. I will let you know if anything seems odd. You can send me your measures in inch or centimeters.

Or B) Take your body measurements

If you do not have a well fitting sweater you can use the video below to learn how to get your body measures. Please let me know if you are using your body measures.

  1. Arm length from neck to wrist (with the arm hanging down!)
  2. Torso length from top center of shoulder to hip joint.
  3. Chest circumference around nipple line
  4. Total Body height

Write the measures in an Email, add a note that those are body measures and send them to me. Slightly harder than just measuring a sweater but still quite easy, right?

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4. The price

The price for these sweaters except for the “Vs.” model is: 169€.

That includes free worldwide shipping.

(How much is 169EUR in USD?)

The “Vs.” model, due to the ribbed knit, is 249€ (again, including free worldwide shipping).

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5. Free worldwide shipping

Yes, I really do free worldwide shipping. That includes Canada. And it is free. Delivery to the USA takes around 10-14 days. Delivery in Europe takes 2-7 days.

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6. Payment

You can pay via PayPalm using the huge button to the left. Use the comment field for your measurements and extra wishes.

Don’t worry, I am not a machine – I will reply with a personal eMail and let you know if everything went fine or anything seems odd or if I have any questions.

You can also pay directly to my PayPal account using , they will also do the currency conversion for you. I only accept payment in EUR. If you want to check the current exchange rate, just enter “169 EUR in USD” into Google.

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7. Line up in my waiting queue

I have lots of orders and unfortunately the waiting queue can get quite long especially around christmas and of course Halloween.
Making the sweater takes 2-4 weeks,
depending on how long the queue is. Often I am faster and I will let you know when I ship the sweater so you always know when to expect it.

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