Freddy Krueger sweater FAQ

How long does it take to get the sweater?

It takes up to three weeks to make the sweater. Although usually I am a lot faster. Shipping to the USA takes 10-14 days, shipping within Europe takes 5-7.

How much does it cost?

Click here for detailed information about the price. Always remember: Google is your friend. For example, just enter “130EUR in USD” into google and it will give you roughly the current exchange rate.

Do you ship to Canada?

All my sweaters are shipped free worldwide, that includes Canada.

Are the sweaters 100% screen accurate?

I am told by my clients that my sweaters are screen accurate. You will find thousands of photos of these sweaters on the internet, including many photos from the film sets and screenshots from the movies. As far as the colors are concerned, all of those will look a bit different from each other, depending on factors such as lighting conditions, camera and display medium.

The thing is, wool is a wonderful natural material which reacts with light in a way that can not be captured on camera. As for the pattern I am sure that I got it nailed with the stripes on the sleeves matching those on the body etc.

What will I get?

In case you are wondering what to expect when you receive your package, here are some photos of my packaging process:

Freddy Sweter folded Freddy Sweater folded with box Freddy Sweater sealed in box

Do you also do the weathering/tearing/burning/ripping/charring process? Can you make the sweater look as used as in the movies?

Weathering by Ian Hallett.

I am specialized in knitting sweaters that fit like a glove, using quality materials.

There are other, very talented people who are specialized in making things look used. One of them is Ian Hallett in the UK, he can help you (Ian’s Facebook-page). There is a sample image of his work on the right. Ian charges 50 GBP for his services, which includes international shipping. I can ship the new sweater straight to him if you want me to.

I make sweaters. Ian destroys them.
I make sweaters. Ian destroys them.

Tim Maasch in Germany also provides this kind of service, follow this link for his description with photos.

There are also great resources on the the internet on how to do it yourself: How to properly burn, tear and rip your own Freddy sweater. I can not offer any used-look-services myself.

How to wash the sweater?

You can safely wash this sweater at 30°C (85°F) with the wool washing programme. Use just a very small amount of laundry detergent (for wool/delicates) and no softener. If you use too much laundry detergent (or wash too hot), the yarn might felt (like any other natural fabric). You could also use just a drop of shampoo. Natural fabrics like these don’t require intense cleaning.

Will the used look go away with washing?

That depends entirely on the kind of color you have used. The usual spray paint seems to be pretty resistant against the wool/deicates washing programme so if you want to keep your hard earned used look but still need to wash your sweater, just proceed as described above in “How to wash the sweater?”.

Can you knit a Part 5 (Part 6, Part X, New Nightmare) sweater?

I can knit just about anything you can imagine. I have been doing this for more than 30 years. I can knit all the Freddy sweaters with all kinds of custom changes and special colors if you like.

What is the most popular model and variation?

Most Freddy fans chose the Part 2 or Part 4 sweater with the depcited standard color set and broad cuffs.

Do you knit bust or model sweaters? What do you need in order to do it?

Yes, I knit sweaters for busts. Since busts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes I will need photos and complete measurements of the bust. I also knit sweaters for scale models down to 1/6th.

How do you make the sweaters?

Each sweater is custom-made according to your measurements. That means a perfect fit for you. You could even order it as a hooded sweater (“hoodie”) or as a vest. I have been knitting for a living for more than 30 years and still love creating new designs. So if you have a crazy idea, just let me know and I will see what I can do.

What materials do you use?

I knit the Freddy sweater from fingering yarn: 80% virgin wool, 20% nylon. Virgin wool in this case is the wool of Merino sheep but in the EU we are no longer allowed to call Merino wool what it is. I usually use only all-natural fiber but the synthetic portion is necessary for this particular model so you can weather (burn) the cuffs. The “Vs” model is 100% Merino wool, all natural.

What is a Merino sheep?

Merino is a breed of sheep which are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep (Merinos in Wikipedia).

M. OlschewskiWho is M. Olschewski?

I am Margret Olschewski. Besides raising 3 wonderful sons I have been knitting sweaters, scarves, jackets, gaiters, gloves, tank tops, blankets, … for more than 30 years and now I am old. But I still enjoy creating sweaters. If you want to learn more about me and why I knit, here’s a video about me (it is in German, though…)

Why do you knit Freddy Krueger sweaters?

A couple of years ago a Freddy Krueger fan found my website and inquired about having a custom-tailored Freddy Krueger sweater made. I did not know back then that there is such a huge – and friendly – community of movie fans. I really enjoy meeting so many people from all over the world and shipping my sweaters all over the world to people who really appreciate this kind of handicraft.