Custom-made Chucky Sweater

Dear Chucky fans,

I knit custom movie sweaters from high-quality materials. Due to popular request and demand I now also offer custom-made Chucky sweaters for dolls (and adults, if you like).

IMG_6335-q IMG_6337-q

IMG_6336-q IMG_6338-q

The Chucky sweater comes in screen accurate colors and it has been highly appreciated by several fans already. I enjoy hand-making every single one. The price is a result of the materials and the work involved.

The Price

Please understand that even though this sweater is small, it is considerably more expensive than my Freddy/Nightmare sweaters. The main reason is the high number of stripes which require frequent changes, high attention to detail and more work throughout the whole production including precise row-by-row joining of the individual parts. This product is handmade from high quality materials, 100% Merino wool.

The price is 249 Euro. (How much is 249€ in USD?)

It takes up to around 4-5 weeks to make this sweater.

The standard size fits a 30″ doll.

I have not yet set up a proper order page. Please refer to my website on Freddy sweaters for information on payment and shipping. The process is the same.

Color and pattern variations of custom Chucky sweaters

Thanks to Allan Maxwell and Mike Chibante from you can chose your variety of chucky sweater from these beautiful charts they provided:

Good Guy Doll Sweater Chart-3 Good Guy Doll Swatch Chart-2

How I make the sweaters

Each sweater is custom-made according to your measurements. I have been knitting for a living for more than 30 years and still love creating new designs. So if you have a crazy idea, just let me know and I will see what I can do.

I use only high-quality materials because I want my clients to get the best sweaters possible. It does not make any sense to get something custom-tailored and then use the cheapest materials, right?

Please note: The order deadline for this year’s Halloween is 1st of August.