Custom-made Freddy Krueger sweater

Dear Freddy fans,

I knit custom movie sweaters from high-quality materials (which is 100% Merino sheep wool from Italy) by hand to measure. Due to popular request and demand for that certain custom-made red-green sweater I decided to have my son set up a dedicated web-page with information about this “Freddy Krueger” sweater and how I make it.

M. OlschewskiThe Freddy Krueger sweater with custom color choice and measures, bespoke and handcrafted by myself in Germany, has been highly appreciated by dozens of fans from all over the world and I enjoy making every single one.

I am trying to keep this as easy and convenient for you as possible. Please see the checklist on the How to buy page for a walkthrough of the process.

How I make the custom Freddy Krueger sweater

Each Freddy Krueger sweater is custom-made according to your measurements. I have been knitting for a living for more than 35 years and still love creating new designs. So if you have a crazy idea, just let me know and I will see what I can do.

I use only high-quality materials because I want my clients to get the best sweaters possible. It does not make any sense to get something custom-tailored and then use the cheapest materials, right? Good, lasting quality and a perfect fit for a fair price.

Please note: The order deadline for Halloween is 1st of August.